NCC loses urgent application to review Auction Alliance descision


The National Consumer Commission (NCC) has lost its urgent application to review the National Consumer Tribunal's (NCT) descision to set the compliance notice against Auction Alliance aside (for a full discussion of the battle between the NCC and Auction Alliance see the July edition of Consumer Law Review at

The application was marred by a lot of name calling by principally the NCC. Amongst others the NCC called the NCT to a kangaroo court, concluding that that 'would be an injustice to a kangaroo court'. The much more sober (as always) NCT pointed out that the NCC is doing harm to the cause of consumers by failing to adhere to the provisions of the CPA and will ultimately cause the failure of that Act.

Judge Johan Louw set the NCC's application aside and made punitive costs orders against the NCC.

I will definitely write more on this in the August edition of CLR which will appear later this month.