Minister of the DTI to decide Commissioner Mohlala-Mulaudzi's fate


Business Day reports that the Chief Commissioner of the NCC has lost her third urgent application in the protracted dispute regarding the renewal of her employment contract when it comes to an end at the end of August. In the latest application Mohlala-Mulaudzi contended that the decision regarding the renewal of her contract should not lie with the Minister of the DTI, but with a parliamentary commission. The court held that the decision should lie with the Minister, but that the decision should be made sooner rather than later. I find the latter statement somewhat strange given that the Minister already stated (in May) that her employment would not be renewed. This is not surprising given the shocking track record of the NCC to date. See Angela Mawson's article on IT web and the excellent synopsis in Times. Perhaps the Commissioner should have focussed more on doing her job and less on litigating to keep it.