Changes to the National Credit Act

Friday, 27 September, 2019 - 09:00 to 13:00

The National Credit Act Amendment Bill has been approved and is likely to be signed into law by the President by the time this seminar occurs.  

The purpose of this half-day seminar is to highlight the changes to the National Credit Act, including:  

  • What is ‘debt intervention’, who qualifies for it and how do you go about applying for it? 
  • What is the likely effect of debt intervention on companies? 
  • How have the National Consumer Tribunal’s powers been amended? 
  • How does a consumer get a clearance certificate? 
  • How will credit bureau reports change? 
  • What are the duties of a debt counsellor with regard to reckless credit (must there be an investigation)? 
  • What information must be provided by credit providers to the debt counsellor (and what happens if you don’t do it)? 
  • What is an application for rehabilitation? 
  • How is insurance cover affected?  


The course is aimed at all parties who are affected by the NCA amendment bill, but particularly for in-house legal advisors, compliance officers and attorneys who have some understanding of the National Credit Act. 


You can expect to get some feedback on the changes to the legislation as well as updates on recent case law related to the NCA and be able to make strategic decisions on how best to react to the changes. 

Get the course brochure here or register with the University of Cape Town's Law@work here.