Regulatory Compliance

Enactment of the Protection of Personal Information Bill delayed

The latest news on the Bill’s journey through the parliamentary committees is that on 13 February 2013 the NCOP’s Select Committee on Security and Constitutional Development heard more detailed submissions from its content advisor, the drafters from the Department of Justice and Constitutional Development, the SA Law Reform Commisson and the Financial Services Board. See this article on Legalbrief Policy Watch.

Retailers respond to allegations of mislabelled meat

I am not a particularly squeamish person and quite an adventurous eater, but when I eat donkey I would like to know that I am eating donkey. So, I was quite disturbed when I watched the meat mislabelling scandal unfold. This is the most informative article which I found, courtesy of IOL. It contains statements by all the big retailers that their products are all correctly labelled.

Technology the answer to s 129 delivery dilemma

Paul Esselaar was recently (November 2012) published in De Rebus, a magazine for attorneys, on the issue of sending s129 notices by registered letter. For the full article please click  here.

Is South Africa over-regulated?

An article on BDLive - "Regulations, tax 'stifling small business" - caught my attention this week. I don't find it surprising that small businesses who try to comply with the regulations applicable to them are finding it difficult to keep their doors open. One of the complaints mentioned in the article is that chemical analysis of products is a cost which small producers can't afford.


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