Regulatory Compliance

Protection of Personal Information Bill sent to the President for signature

The National Assembly has officially sent POPI to the President for his signature. This is the last hurdle which the Bill has to clear before becoming an act. Once signed the President must announce the commencement date by a notice in the Government Gazette. Businessess will then have one year to comply.

Protection of Personal Information Bill in the NA today

POPI (the amendments by the NCOP to be exact) is going to be tabled in the National Assembly today. The approval of the changes should be a formality. We edge ever closer to data protection in South Africa.

Protection of Personal Information Bill on the move

After months of inaction, a workshop on the Bill is scheduled for 22 May 2013 before the Select Committee on Security and Constitutional Development. Deliberations will take place on 5 June 2013. This is part of the process of getting the Bill approved by the National Council of Provinces. This is the last step before the Bill will be signed into law by the President.



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