Protection of Personal Information

Enactment of the Protection of Personal Information Bill delayed

The latest news on the Bill’s journey through the parliamentary committees is that on 13 February 2013 the NCOP’s Select Committee on Security and Constitutional Development heard more detailed submissions from its content advisor, the drafters from the Department of Justice and Constitutional Development, the SA Law Reform Commisson and the Financial Services Board. See this article on Legalbrief Policy Watch.

Update on POPI's progress

The Protection of Personal Information Bill was approved by the National Assembly in September last year. Before it can become an Act it has to be approved by the National Council of Provinces. The Select Committee on Security and Constitutional Development heard submissions on the Bill from the drafters as well as the SA Law Reform Commission and the FSB.

The Committee has asked for a more detailed briefing of the Bill and from what I can see on the Parliamentary Monitoring Group's webiste this meeting will take place on 4 March 2013.

The impact of POPI on marketers

I am talking at New Media's Contect Conference tomorrow on the implications of the Protection of Personal Information Bill for marketers. Here is a link to an interview which I did in anticipation of this event on

Is this where the word 'spam' comes from?

When did we start referring to unsolicited marketing messages as 'spam'? While researching my book, I found an article 'The regulation of unsolicited commercial communications (spam): Is the opt-out mechanism effective?' by Sebo Tladi in the 2008 South African Law Journal.


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