Consumer Protection Law

The Consumer Protection Act 68 of 2008 (the CPA) came into force on 1 April 2011. The CPA applies concurrently with various other pieces of consumer protection legislation such as the National Credit Act, the Electronic Communications and Transactions Act, the Medical Schemes Act, the Foodstuffs, Disinfectants and Cosmetics Act and the Financial and Intermediary Services Act to name but a few. This means that it is always necessary to take an holistic view of the legislative landscape within which a business operates in order to ensure compliance.

No Junk Mail please

In response to a letter in the Cape Times by Keith Gottschalk we indicated that there is a law that governs junk mail in your letterbox, but that the enforcement of the law is the problem at the moment. The full letter (as published in the Cape Times on the 10th January 2013) follows:

Free chapter on marketing law (Siber Ink)

I am currently writing a book, Consumer Law Unlocked, for Siber Ink publishers. If all goes well it will be published this year. Here is a free chapter on marketing. Back to work.

Technology the answer to s 129 delivery dilemma

Paul Esselaar was recently (November 2012) published in De Rebus, a magazine for attorneys, on the issue of sending s129 notices by registered letter. For the full article please click  here.

Is South Africa over-regulated?

An article on BDLive - "Regulations, tax 'stifling small business" - caught my attention this week. I don't find it surprising that small businesses who try to comply with the regulations applicable to them are finding it difficult to keep their doors open. One of the complaints mentioned in the article is that chemical analysis of products is a cost which small producers can't afford.

1Time winding up leaves consumers high and dry?

The news of the winding up of 1Time airline has led to an investigation by the NCC into whether consumers will be refunded for their useless tickets (see 'Consumer watchdog mulls 1time probe' on fin24).


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