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We can assist you with general commercial law services, such as leases, shareholders agreements, Memorandum's of Incorporation, the sale of business, the sale of shares, etc.

Changes to the National Credit Act

The National Credit Act Amendment Bill has been approved and is likely to be signed into law by the President by the time this seminar occurs.  

The purpose of this half-day seminar is to highlight the changes to the National Credit Act, including:  

Series Seed Documents published

It is trite that South Africa has been seeking to encourage small investors to start new businesses, but the amount of red tape and difficulty in getting the logistics off the ground can be quite daunting.

Esselaar Attorneys has drafted a set of documents designed for new investors to regulate (and create a standard for) the way in which investors should invest in start-ups. The idea behind this is to set a level playing field which is not weighted in favour of the investor or the start-up, but rather is as fair as possible.

Disturbing claims made by NCC Chief Commissioner against DTI

NCC Chief Commissioner Mamodupi Mohlala-Mulaudzi has made disturbing allegations of 'sabotage' against the Department of Trade and Industry. She claims that the NCC has been hamstrung by a series of investigations, financial controls and under-funding. The motivation for this 'sabotage' is a conflict of interest between the 'mandate' of the NCC and the DTI.


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